Why Here? Why Now?

As I pondered an introductory blog post for Transformation Freedom Initiative (TFI), these are the two questions that emerged. They came as the result of a local news story. A dear prayer warrior and encourager let me know there was going to be a local news story on sex trafficking in Charlottesville. As I watched it, I realized it was the perfect introduction. It brought up and answered the questions of why here? and why now?

I have included the news story at the bottom of this post. As you watch it, I hope you are not only made more aware, but filled with hope. Hope that this issue does not have to prevail. That, as the report says, “‘the best way to stop sex trafficking is to prevent it…you can combat human trafficking by simply reaching out to somebody that’s in need.'”

This is the work of Transformation Freedom Initiative. Meeting the need of educating the uneducated in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the surrounding areas. If you are unaware of human trafficking and how to prevent it in your own life, you are vulnerable. Through education, I pray we become an aware and empowered community!


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