Fighting Human Trafficking in the Midst of Covid-19 Part 2: Awareness

Hi All,

It is day 2 of discussing how to fight human trafficking in the midst of covid-19.  Today’s resources are to help with our awareness of human trafficking. These resources are split into two categories: Protecting Our Youth and General Awareness

Fighting human trafficking while social distancing is possible and crucial. Especially as more time is spent online, a place traffickers commonly lure victims.   

No matter your age and stage of life, we can always be learning more in order to protect ourselves and others from the second largest criminal industry in the world—human trafficking.  

Protecting Our Youth


This is a link from the anti-trafficking organization Shared Hope International. This page gives resources on Internet safety for kids (especially important during this time of increased internet usage by children and predators).  If you scroll through this page you will see ways to access important resources on internet safety like Apps to Watch for-and their risks.  

“Predators are luring child victims through online communications-via tablet, phone, even video game consoles. And there, our children are being sold for sex.”

“We encourage you to take some of this time in isolation to make sure that you are confident the kids in your household are empowered to make safe choices while using the internet.”


This is a link to learn more about and submit your email in order to receive an online safety guide from anti-trafficking organization Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI). 

RJI says their “Online Safety Guide details ways to recognize tactics of online predators and to prevent dangerous sharing of personal information. This resource is typically part of our Prevention Project licensed program, but we are offering it to you for free so that you may help your child remain safe and alert, especially during this time of increased online engagement.”


This is a link to a guide on identifying terms, code words, and symbols used by child predators online from the organization Educate and Empower Kids.


These are three links from the anti-trafficking organization Love 146.  The first is an article titled “Creeps can seem nice at first: 5 Tips for Internet Safety During Covid-19.” The second link is to other articles on online safety including the first.  The third is a link to their page for care givers on how to protect your children from human trafficking.   


These links are to two blog posts from anti-trafficking organization Freedom 4/24.  The first is on talking to your teenagers about exploitation and online safety and the second on talking to your elementary age children about exploitation


This is a link to an article, by anti-trafficking organization Richmond Justice Initiative, that discusses “Why the Effects of COVID-19 have Created the ‘Perfect Storm’ for Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking”

“while we will be highlighting the current risks due to the virus, we want to be clear that these threats will persist even outside these circumstances”


This is a link to request access to anti-trafficking organization Richmond Justice Initiative’s Virtual Human Trafficking Education. Request this presentation for a free “38-minute video presentation which covers important information and research that we have consolidated from our 10+ years in the anti-trafficking field, including specifics on the current risks for online sex trafficking recruitment during COVID-19 and next steps you can take to make a difference.”


The organization Power over Predators is offering their online course for youth for free thru July 31, 2020. Watch the video at this link to learn more about this program and to find the page to enroll.  


Each of these links are from the anti-trafficking organization Safe House Project. The first link gives information on and a way to sign up for their Move for Justice to keep your family occupied during this time and receive age appropriate information for meaningful discussions on personal and online safety with your kids.  

The second is a link to their blog where you can find crucial topics for parents and guardians. Here are some examples of those blog posts:

Defining Trafficking in America

Sex Trafficking During a Pandemic

Keeping Children Safe: What Can I Do to Protect my Child?

Emoji.  Acronyms. Code. What are your kids really saying online?

“Dear Parents” Post 1

“Dear Parents” Post 2

“Dear Parents” Post 3

My Body & Safe Touch- Tips for Kids Age 3 to 5 (For parents/guardians to read, not child)

Importance of Consent- Tips for Kids Ages 6 to 9 (For parents/guardians to read, not child)

Open Communication-Tips for Kids Age 10-13 (For parents/guardians to read, not child)

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences)


Protecting the Children of Our American Heroes

Knowledge is Power


This is the link to an article discussing how “COVID-19 has provided a tragic opportunity for exploiters, the pimps and the Johns, to not only flourish but escalate trafficking where the average age of the girl or boy is 15.”

“Child trafficking might seem a remote problem but in reality, it is the barometer of American society and how we raise children.  A media-driven society, with oversexualized images of girls, and overtly violent men portrayed as the ideal masculine model is a major cause of the flourishing sex trade.”

General Awareness 

1.Life May Not Be Fair, But I Will Still Fight Injustice

This is the link to another blog post from Safe House Project.  I believe it is important to remember, no matter what we have been through personally, to not stop fighting for justice.  


This is the link to the Polaris Project blog.  Polaris Project houses the U.S. National Human Trafficking hotline (call 1-888-373-7888 (TTY: 711), text 233733, or chat here).  I specifically recommend reading the following posts: 

The Effect of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking

Essential Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 May Increase Human Trafficking in Vulnerable Communities

Domestic Workers Face Economic Devastation During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Exposes Flaws in the H-2A Visa System

Sex Trafficking is Still Happening- and May Be More Violent Than Ever 

Trafficking Is Also Hidden in Our Favorite Restaurant’s Kitchen

Landlords Coercing Tenants Unable to Pay Rent to Provide Sex: Sex Trafficking or Not?


This link is an article from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  It discusses sexual exploitation during the coronavirus. Including how traffickers take advantage of those made vulnerable by life changing circumstances, like the coronavirus. At the end of the article there is an opportunity to fill out a short form that sends awareness to your representatives.

“we are calling on our elected officials, social service agencies, and anti-trafficking organizations to work together to ensure the creation of strong social supports for both those vulnerable to sexual exploitation and those already within the sex trade. You can add your voice to this call to action by sending an email to your elected officials by completing the easy-to-use form below (scroll down page for form).”


This link leads to information about and the chance to send an email to credit card companies that process credit card payments for the pornography industry.  

“These credit and debit card companies must stop processing payments for the pornography industry given its extensive promotion of nonconsensual content—including child sexual abuse, sex trafficking videos, rape, and more—and of content eroticizing sexual violence, incest, and racism.”

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