Fighting Human Trafficking in the Midst of Covid-19 Part 4: Give

Hi Everyone,

It is the final day of this 4 part series, on Fighting Human Trafficking in the midst of covid-19.  Today I am sharing ways to give.  Giving is a way to help protect people from human trafficking beyond your own sphere of influence.

But first, I would like to say that being aware and spreading awareness in your sphere is vital.  

Whether you are able to give right now or not, I still encourage you to check out these sources and help spread the word about giving.  This will create positive life saving change through an unstoppable ripple effect.  

The following are organizations I follow closely. I encourage you to use the second link to find other organizations to give to as well. This is not a competition between anti-trafficking organizations as,

“There is no lack in God’s Kingdom”

-Melissa Russell

 IJM Regional President, North America


Before sharing ways to give to anti-trafficking organizations, I want to share the page for “LOCAL FOOD HUB…a nonprofit organization that partners with Virginia farmers to increase community access to local food.”

When people are in need of basic necessities like food, they become vulnerable to the lures of traffickers. 

Donating to Local Food Hub can “support:

-Purchasing food or subsidizing the purchasing of food from Local Food Hub partner farms for emergency feeding efforts, including the adaptation of the Fresh Farmacy: Fruit and Veggie Prescription Program as appropriate

-Opening diverse markets for farms, including direct relationships with buyers and alternative farmers markets

-Our leadership and coordination with community organizations including the Charlottesville Food Justice Network, in their efforts to feed those in need


This is the link to End Slavery Now’s Anti-slavery Directory. You can search to find nearby anti-trafficking organizations to give/get involved with. I encourage you to research what you find as:

“End Slavery Now may include links providing direct access to other resources and websites, but is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the information. Links from End Slavery Now do not constitute an endorsement. 

We encourage you to responsibly research the following organizations to determine if their policies and programs are suitable to your personal needs. We promote informed involvement and suggest you examine them closely before volunteering or giving to their missions.”


This is the link to Safe House Project’s donation page.  If you feel led, you can donate to help them to continue their important work of serving and empowering child sex trafficking victims during this time.  There is a video on this page that gives an example of a child’s story. 

“In the safe house I was changed, saved, I am stronger now.”


 Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a message from the anti-trafficking organization Rescue Freedom.  They are seeing unique opportunities to provide for victims who are now homeless because of the shift in the sex industry due to covid-19. Their work is made possible with donations.  

“the traffickers are waiting for life to return to normal so that they can welcome these women and children back to the brothels. And for many of them, if that’s their only option, they will return. So we are determined to do everything that we can to prevent that from happening…if you’re able to give, were asking you to give. If you’re able to share, we’re asking you to share. If you believe in prayer, we’re asking you to pray.”


A link from the anti-trafficking organization International Justice Mission on how they are responding to covid-19 and ways to give.

“Right now, as children and families are staying home, too many are unsafe in lockdown. Online sex trafficking of children and domestic abuse are on the rise. You can send rescue and hope today.”


A link to donate to the anti-trafficking organization Shared Hope International. 

“help us stand in the gap, to counteract the traffickers and ensure the women, men, and children we serve will remain stable and continue to thrive.”


A link to another anti-trafficking organization, Love 146, and ways to give. They combat child trafficking specifically.

“Many of us are rightfully concerned about those we love who are vulnerable because of their advanced age or compromised immune systems. Having experienced complex trauma is also a vulnerability that can impact our body’s ability to fight off disease. Know that the support you’ve given to protect children and help survivors recover from trauma is an investment in more resilience through this and future trials.”

8.The following is a post from the anti-trafficking organization Freedom 4/24.  Freedom 4/24 partners with other organizations in the fight to end trafficking both nationally and internationally: 


“We can’t wait to see her picture, to hear her story, to say her name…

It costs $4,000 for our partner, Freedom Firm USA, to rescue one girl from sexual slavery in India and begin the aftercare process. Together, we can help RESCUE a girl who has experienced more pain than any of us ever will.

Read more on our blog, and let’s raise $4,000 for Freedom Firm to continue their work! 

When we hear about the girl Freedom Firm rescued, we can’t wait to share her story with you.”

Find out more:


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