Spanish/English Internet Safety Resources

TFI recently had someone ask for internet safety bilingual resources. After researching and receiving resource ideas from another anti-trafficking organization, I compiled a list of resources that met all or parts of the above request. I have listed those resources here for anyone else who may be searching for something similar. 

If you don’t see resources you need and/or can’t find them in your own research, please feel free to contact me at

Trafficking Hotline Flyer in English & Spanish

 Tips for Parents: Online Safety (in English and Spanish)

NetSmartz English/Spanish Resources
-There is a button in the upper right of the screen (next to “Newsletter” below the “Donate” button) that allows you to choose to view the screen in English or Spanish
-The “Free Resources” come in English and Spanish (last option on right when you scroll down) ex: Internet Safety at Home in English and Spanish (scroll down for Spanish)

Savvy Cyber Kids Site
-Parents/Guardians can sign up to get FREE access to a downloadable “Parents Guide to Technology” which also has a Spanish version.  Sign up here

Savvy Cyber Kids Information on Spanish Resources

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures in Spanish (from Protect Young Minds)

Richmond Justice Initiative Sign up for FREE Online Safety Guide

Freedom 4/24 Prevention Resources for Parents

Protect Young Minds Resources

Protect Young Minds Blog

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